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We know there are creative programs and new ideas happening across the country that are feeding kids. We want to learn what those ideas are, amplify the incredible work happening across the nation through highlighted case studies and share those successes with others.  That’s why we we’re producing the brand-new Hunger Innovation Report. The success of this project depends on your feedback, and we’re excited to hear from you.

Take the survey to share the innovative work you’re doing or nominate someone else. Later this year we’ll share the report so that we can all have a better understanding of the state of innovation in our communities and have a few new ideas to try out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Innovation sounds like a buzzword. What do you mean when you say innovative?

To us, innovation is work that turns an idea into a program or practice that better meets the needs of kids. Innovation does not have to be flashy or wholly original and it can be applied to models, products, and even services.
Why a survey about innovation?

We know that innovative ideas are more likely to fail than they are to succeed. This makes creative problem solving and new approaches risky, but we believe that innovation is critical to solving challenges. Through this survey and report, we hope to take some of the risk out of innovation, celebrate our successes, and develop a better sense of what models seem to be working.
Why should I tell you about the work I am doing?

Across the nation, people are using creative approaches and innovative practices to help end childhood hunger, but there are limited good ways to share these ideas and practices with each other. With your help, we hope to change that by capturing new ideas and major trends. As an added bonus, by completing the survey, you are joining an exclusive community of innovators. As part of that community, you will receive access to a complete list of tried-and-true ideas with contact information for the original innovator. We may also include your work as a case study or provide you with an innovation accelerator award. We want this report to amplify you and your great work. If you are included in the report, sharing can be a great tool for communicating your work externally, especially to potential funders.
I am just doing what needs to be done. How do I know if my work is innovative?

Can you think of three other organizations doing similar work? If you can, your work is probably an emerging best practice. Other folks doing the same work not coming to mind? Then your idea is probably innovative. Even if you would never call yourself an innovator and you feel like you are just doing what you have to do, please take the time to tell us more by completing the survey. If your work sounds like a best practice, but you are doing it differently, tell us about it. Concepts do not have to be brand-new to be innovative; just be sure to call out what it is about your approach that sets it apart from the rest.
Can you give me an example of something that is an emerging best practice and something that is innovative?

When we think emerging best practices, the first thing that comes to mind is mobile meals in the summer time. It is creative and we love it, but within the last couple of years we have seen strong adoption of the model. Serving summer meals in hospitals, on the other hand, might currently be an innovative approach. We know of a few hospitals that have turned their traditional meal service into an open summer meals site but we’re not sure how widespread it is or how models vary.
When will the report will be released?

Our target release date is Spring 2019.
How will I know when the report is released?

We will email you a digital file and also send you a physical copy.
I still have questions, who can I ask?

We’re happy to help. Send our innovation manager, Kirsten Craft a note at innovation@strength.org

Thank you to Sodexo Stop Hunger Foundation for supporting this work.