Summer Meals Outreach Resource Toolkit

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High-quality resources designed to make it easy for you to promote summer meals


Thanks to the generous support of the Sodexo Stop Hunger Foundation, No Kid Hungry has created a summer meals outreach toolkit to help you get the word out to families. A range of ready-made promotional materials are available to help publicize summer meals in your community. Use these resources to maximize the impact of outreach efforts in schools, faith communities, community organizations and online.

English Standard Resources

  1. English bookmark
  2. English business card
  3. English frequent flier card
  4. English hand sign
  5. English postcard
  6. English standard 8.5x11 flyer
  7. English standard 11x17 flyer
  8. English standard 18x12 yard sign
  9. English standard 18x24 flyer
  10. English standard 72x48 banner

English Customizable Resources

  1. English customizable 8.5x11 flyer
  2. English customizable 11x17 flyer (version 1)
  3. English customizable 11x17 flyer (version 2)
  4. English customizable 11x17 flyer (version 3)
  5. English customizable yard sign

Spanish Standard Resources

  1. Spanish bookmark
  2. Spanish business card
  3. Spanish frequent flier card
  4. Spanish hand sign
  5. Spanish postcard
  6. Spanish standard 8.5x11 flyer
  7. Spanish standard 11x17 flyer
  8. Spanish standard 18x24 flyer

Spanish Customizable Resources

  1. Spanish customizable 8.5x11 flyer
  2. Spanish customizable 11x17 flyer (version 1)
  3. Spanish customizable 11x17 flyer (version 2)
  4. Spanish customizable 11x17 flyer (version 3)