Three Meals a Day: A Win-Win-Win -- The Full Guide to Starting and Improving Your Afterschool Meals Program

Implementation Support
Program Overview
Best for
School Nutrition Staff

This in-depth guide gives you everything you need to replicate the success of schools serving afterschool meals.


  1. How Afterschool Meals Can Help Your District
    • The Need
    • Program Overview
    • Current Reach
    • The Opportunity
  2. Lay the Groundwork
    • Learn the Basics
    • Assess Need and Interest Across the District
    • Assess Internal Factors
    • Engage Key Stakeholders
  3. Plan for Implementation
    • Sponsorship Options
    • Menu Approach
    • Meal Preparation Considerations
    • Daily Logistics
    • Starting Out
  4. Make It Better
    • Promotion
    • Enhancing the Program