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School Breakfast

School Breakfast Program

Research demonstrates the importance of providing breakfast to children and youth.  Children who eat a good breakfast tend to perform better in school, have a better attendance record and exhibit fewer behavior problems. In addition, children who eat a good breakfast develop healthy eating habits, visit the school nurse less frequently and are less likely to be obese.  Despite the benefits of breakfast, for a variety of reasons, many families can't provide for their kids a healthy breakfast every morning. 

The School Breakfast Program offers kids a nutritious breakfast at school so they can start their day off right.  While the program is underutilized — only about half of students who rely on a free or reduced-price lunch at school participate — schools, districts, and public and private agencies and organizations across the country are supporting efforts to increase access to school breakfast programs.  They are ensuring that more eligible students apply for or are directly certified for school meals, increasing awareness about the importance of breakfast and availability of breakfast at schools, and implementing service delivery models that have proven to be successful in increasing participation.

School Breakfast Innovation Map

A growing number of states, cities and school districts have initiated efforts to increase participation in school breakfast programs. Use the map below to find out more about major state, city and district-wide efforts to increase school breakfast participation.

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Supporting school breakfast initiatives