No Kid Hungry School Calculator


This is an interactive calculator, created in collaboration with Deloitte Consulting, that provides decision-makers in schools and districts with a business model to understand the financial feasibility of feeding students by maximizing three federal nutrition programs: school breakfast, afterschool meals and summer meals. Based on information entered, results will automatically populate to show users their annual estimated costs, reimbursements and increases in student participation for the meal programs.  To learn more, watch this brief video.


School Breakfast

Afterschool Meals and Snacks

Summer Meals

School Breakfast Afterschool Snacks and Supper Summer Meals

Want to ensure that more students are starting their day off well-nourished and ready to learn? Rethinking school breakfast by serving it after the bell can help more students access breakfast and be ready to succeed in the classroom.

Consider offering snacks and meals to your students, which is another opportunity to connect children with free, healthy food after the school day ends.

Schools are a trusted community location for families and children even when school is out for summer. Determine how your school can help students get the nutrition they need during the summer months.


What will I need to complete this calculator?

  • Demographic information about your school (e.g. # free and reduced-price meal eligible students)
  • Information on your current breakfast program (e.g. costs, participation, charges to students)
  • Projections for an afterschool meals program (e.g. costs, # student participants)
  • Projections for a summer meals program (e.g. costs, # student participants, # serving days, meal prep style)
  • Note: The sections are optional, so you can elect to analyze one, two, or all three meal programs. You cannot save your information and continue at a later time, so please complete your information in one sitting.

Click here to see a list of data points you will need for each meal program


How long does it take to complete the calculator?

Each section of the calculator takes about 8 minutes to complete. If you decide to complete all sections, the survey takes about 30 minutes.


What does the calculator provide me?

  • Results include calculations based on the data you provide in each completed section. These results include estimates for the following:
    • Number of students you will feed and meals you will serve
    • Total costs and federal reimbursements
    • Annual net total of program in light of costs and reimbursements
  • By completing information for multiple sections, you can receive annual net totals for all of the programs you’ve considered for your school.
  • The calculator allows you to compare and aggregate annual net totals across multiple schools in your district

Click here for an example results page

​If you have more questions about how to use the calculator or the results, please consult this videoone-pagertechnical guide, FAQ, or email