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State Afterschool Meals Legislation
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State legislation can increase access to and support for afterschool meals. States can allocate funding to encourage site expansion and support programming, require participation in high-need areas and make changes to enhance administrative efficiencies.

 Specific state policy changes to afterschool meal programs has included:

  • Streamlining administrative processes for School Food Authorities
  • Encouraging data-sharing between state agencies and nonprofit partners
  • Streamlining participation between the Summer Food Service Program and afterschool meal programs
  • Providing grants to fund afterschool programming

The following table provides information about passed legislation affecting afterschool meals. Links are included to the language of each bill.

Passed Legislation: Afterschool Meals


Year Category Summary
Arkansas 2014 Funding Provides grants to school districts for after-school and nutrition services.
Illinois 2014 Resolution Encourages eligible providers to participate in afterschool meal programs.
Maine 2019 Requirement  Requires a school administrative unit with a public school where 50 percent and more students that are eligible for free and reduced-price (FRP) meals to participate in the federal Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP), beginning school year 2019-2020. The school administrative may only be exempted from participating in the program if it is proved, after notice and public hearing, that there would be financial or logistical constraints.  
Maine 2013 Resolution Creates a task force to study issues associated with afterschool meal programs and design a plan to increase participation in school food programs.
Oregon 2014 Funding Provides grants to school districts, community organizations, and government agencies to purchase or upgrade equipment; to comply with sanitation requirements; to conduct outreach, or fund program activities.



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