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Reaching More Kids with SNAP
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Efforts to raise awareness about SNAP and provide application assistance can help ensure that low-income families have the resources to keep their children healthy and active.

Barriers to SNAP Participation

  • Unfortunately, some people who are eligible for SNAP benefits may experience barriers and challenges to enrolling in SNAP, such as:
    • Stigma
    • Lack of information or incorrect information about eligibility requirements
    • Lack of information about how to apply
    • Lengthy and complicated application process
    • Concern that SNAP participation may cause problems related to immigration status and citizenship applications

Help Spread the Word about SNAP in Your Community

  • We can use program data to identify those who are underserved and target SNAP outreach efforts in those communities
  • This 2016 report from the USDA details how well each state is able to enroll those who are eligible in SNAP
  • For example, children in immigrant households tend to have lower rates of participation in SNAP
  • Share these resources from the Protecting Immigrant Families Coalition

In partnership with AARP, the state of Maryland, and Benefits Data Trust, we used administrative data to identify individuals who were receiving heating assistance and Medicaid but not SNAP. Targeted outreach and application support was successful in increasing the number of households enrolled in SNAP.

Advocate for Policies that Support Access to SNAP

  • States can adopt policies that will reduce paperwork for staff, minimize the burden on families and ensure that benefits are reaching people in need
  • States can simplify reporting requirements, implement document imaging and expand categorical eligibility for the program (learn more)
  • See the USDA’s State Options Report for a summary of state policy and administrative options and to understand which options your state has already adopted
  • While states are not required to create a SNAP Outreach Plan, it is strongly encouraged to help target resources toward low-income families and garner assistance from nonprofit organizations


School Breakfast

A Data-Driven Strategy to Reduce Hunger and Increase Stability in Maryland

This case study highlights a comprehensive outreach and application assistance strategy aimed at increasing the number of individuals able to access the Maryland Food Supplement Program. The strategy made significant progress in reducing hunger among Marylanders.'

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SNAP Outreach Image in Spanish

SNAP Outreach Toolkit: COVID-19

SNAP outreach materials in English and Spanish that can be customized with the local details and specifics that best serve your community

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