By learning about key similarities and differences between the Summer Food Service Program and CACFP Afterschool Meals Program as well as the available streamlining flexibilities, you can maximize the potential of these programs.

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Providing Year-Round Meals
4th grade boy going through a cafeteria line with his tray of food

Summer meals sponsors and sites can be an asset to the CACFP Afterschool Meals Program since they have experience and expertise running a federal child nutrition program. Likewise, CACFP sponsors and afterschool programs can provide needed access to meals during summer break.

Many trusted locations provide year-round programs and services to children, so it makes sense to offer meals and snacks year-round. However, sponsors and sites sometimes encounter barriers and extra work when trying to transition between programs.

Our chart can help you understand the similarities and differences between the Summer Food Service Program and the CACFP Afterschool Meals Program in order to better manage the transition and identify areas to promote streamlining.

This guide can help state agency officials work with the SFSP staff to identify areas for streamlining, sharing, and simplification. This guide includes a summary of pertinent USDA memos that provide options for streamlining.

Additionally, the Nutrition Hubs model is an effective way to maximize all of the federal nutrition programs and operate programs year round. Learn more by visiting our Schools as Nutrition Hubs page.

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