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Talking Points for School Administrators

Talking about CEP with school administrators, made easy.

School administrators want the best for their students and communities. They want to make sure that students are succeeding and that school budgets are healthy and balanced to support generations to come.

Prepare for conversations by reviewing our resource, Talking Points for School Administrators. This resource has been updated to include talking points specific to 2020 and the impacts that COVID-19 will have on school meal service. CEP is likely to be an even more important strategy this year to ensure that students have access to the food they need to succeed and to support school nutrition budgets during uncertain times.

Need help communicating these benefits to your school administrators? Use our customizable template letter/email to school administrators about adopting CEP in SY20-21. Download it, add in your school's details, and send!


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CEP Talking Points for School Administrators

Prepare for conversations with school administrators about adopting or expanding CEP in the coming school year

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