School breakfast expansion has helped several thousand more students all across the country participate in the School Breakfast Program. Strategies like Breakfast After the Bell and universal breakfast have proven to be successful at providing students more opportunity to start their day with a healthy meal. Learn about schools that have expanded their breakfast programs and the successes they've seen as a result.

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Videos of Breakfast After the Bell Success
Girl picking up breakfast from bins in the classroom

Watch Breakfast After the Bell programs in action with these videos showing how breakfast can be a seamless part of the morning routine.

High School Breakfast Success

High School Breakfast Success: Watch and learn from this high school at Galena Park ISD in Texas on how they use a three-pronged approach to breakfast. By offering students the option of traditional cafeteria breakfast, grab and go, and second chance breakfast, the high school went from feeding around 200 students breakfast every morning to approximately 800 students. 

Elementary School Breakfast Success

Elementary School Breakfast Success: Hear from teachers, students, and the principal of Longfellow Elementary in Wisconsin on how a simple Grab and Go program provided a calmer classroom experience, higher attendance rates, and more of a community environment. By switching from traditional cafeteria breakfast, Longfellow went from serving 80 kids breakfast every morning to roughly 200 kids per day. 

Elementary & Middle School Breakfast Success

Elementary & Middle School Breakfast Success: Learn how Breakfast in the Classroom and Grab and Go breakfast are used as instructional strategies at Waverly Elementary/Middle School in Baltimore, MD; and, see how student helpers play an integral role in delivering breakfast to the classroom and keeping classrooms clean.


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One-Pagers of Breakfast After the Bell Success
Girl about to eat an apple as part of her Breakfast in the Classroom meal.

Read stories from schools all across the country about how Breakfast After the Bell and universal breakfast can make breakfast more accessible for students.

Grab and Go Breakfast

  • The Literacy Academy at Cleveland in Port Huron, Michigan -- Learn how clear communication with teachers and parents contributed to this successful Grab and Go program.
  • Beardstown Junior High and High School in Beardstown, Illinois -- Read about how implementing Grab and Go breakfast has resulted in increased attendance and classroom productivity, and caused the breakfast participation to spike 122%.
  • Nancy Hill Elementary School in West Aurora School District 129 in Illinois -- Learn how breakfast participation rates doubled, and behavioral issues and nurse visits were dramatically reduced by implementing a Grab and Go breakfast program.

Breakfast in the Classroom

  • Holland Woods Middle School in Port Huron, Michigan -- Learn about how Fuel Period, the school's Breakfast in the Classroom program, invigorates mornings for students and teachers.
  • Stanley Mosk Elementary in California -- See how student helpers, known as Breakfast Sherrifs, keep students excited about breakfast, but also play an integral role in ensuring the Breakfast in the Classroom program runs smoothly.
  • South Shores Elementary School in Decatur School District 61 in Illinois -- Learn how implementing Breakfast in the Classroom increased breakfast participation from around 60% to 80%.

Breakfast After the Bell + Universal Breakfast

  • Beach Park School District 3 in Illinois -- Learn how Breakfast After the Bell programs run seamlessly district-wide in the four elementary and one middle school by also adding the Community Eligibility Provision (CEP), which provides breakfast to all students at no cost.
  • Balboa High School in San Francisco, CA -- Learn about how important the Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) has been to this Breakfast in the Classroom program.
  • Berwyn South School District 100 in Illinois -- Hear directly from the Business Manager and Food Service Coordinator about their winning combination of Breakfast in the Classroom and Universal Breakfast via the Community Eligibility Provision (CEP).

Universal Breakfast

  • Gaithersburg High School in Montgomery County, MD -- Learn how this high school doubled their breakfast participation by offering breakfast at no cost to students. 
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How to Create Your Own Breakfast Success Story
Elementary school girl helping with the breakfast program by carrying a bin full of milk to the classroom.

We invite you to create your own breakfast success story to elevate the hard work of passionate school and district staff, and showcase the impact Breakfast After the Bell can have on classrooms and communities.

Sharing breakfast success can be a wonderful way to showcase a Breakfast After the Bell (BAB) program. A BAB success story can highlight the incredible work of school and district staff that make the school breakfast program a win for the students, the school, and the community. Learn how to create your own breakfast success story using this guide, How to Create a Breakfast After the Bell Success Story

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