Summary of Current COVID-19 Child Nutrition Program Response Nationwide Waivers

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The table conveniently details all of the nationwide waivers and guidance issued to date by the USDA in response to the coronavirus.


For each of the 43 nationwide waivers and waiver extensions issued to date, this resource provides the waiver number, the title, programs to which it applies, its release date, the end date, a brief summary of what the waiver does, and additional notes and caveats. It was also includes the Q&A memoranda issued by the USDA to provide clarification and additional guidance around the nationwide waivers and operations during the COVID-19 pandemic. It was recently updated to include a list of waivers by expiration date to help track various extensions.

This now reflects the USDA's extension of state-requested area eligibility waivers for open sites in the SFSP and SSO since the extension was granted nationwide.

Many states have requested and received waivers allowing parents to pick up produce served through the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program (FFVP) without their child present as well as to approve alternate FFVP distribution sites, but these are not available as nationwide waivers. Likewise, USDA has begun approving state-requested Provision 2 waivers to give some flexibility to schools that elected to use Provision 2 last year, but this was not made available nationwide.

This summary was last updated on 8/7/2020 to include the extension of the meal pattern waiver for the SFSP through August 31, 2020 and the extension of on-site monitoring waivers. It also includes the extension of four waivers through June 2021 for the National School Lunch Program, School Breakfast Program, and Child and Adult Care Food Program. These waiver extensions are assumed to apply to the NSLP Seamless Summer Option, but please confirm with your state agency. It also includes a new waiver of the Offer Versus Serve requirement for lunch in high schools.

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