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The No Kid Hungry Averaged Eligibility Map

The No Kid Hungry Averaged Eligibility Map will show you if your summer meal site or day care home is located in an area eligible location based on the USDA Food and Nutrition Service’s averaging policy

To get started, type the address of your day care home or summer meal site into the search bar at the top of the map.  

Look at the color (orange, blue or gray) of the Census Block Group (CBG) that your address is located in on the map.  Addresses located in the orange CBGs meet the 50 percent free and reduced price eligibility requirement and are area eligible. Addresses located in blue CBGs are area eligible through the use of averaging and with State agency and FNS Regional Office approval. You can refer to this legend to determine area eligibility status:

No Kid Hungry Averaged Eligibility Map Legend

This user’s guide will help you to interpret the map and show you how to use the data provided in the map to submit a request to your state agency to get your site formally designated as area eligible. 

Our open data site will enable you to download the data from this map to add to your own maps or use for other analyses.