Engage the Healthcare Community to Support Summer Meals (2018)

The connection between child health and nutrition has been clearly demonstrated, and summer meals represent an exciting opportunity for enhanced partnership between these sectors.

Partner with Universities to Build Your Summer Meals Capacity (2018)

Universities are active both on and off campus grounds in ways that present opportunities for partnership when school is out.

School's Out, Food's In: Successful Partnerships to Strengthen Summer Meals Programming (2019)

Effective community partnerships are vital to make sure families know and trust summer meals programming in their communities, and that existing community assets such as enrichment programming, transportation, and funding are coordinated to maximize the impact of these programs.

Serving Summer Meals at Hospitals (2016)

Hospitals play many roles to facilitate health in communities – and hosting Summer Meals sites is one more! In a few communities across the country, hospitals have started serving meals to kids through SFSP

Collaborative Planning: Build Community and Leverage Resources (2017)

Collaborative planning is a key strategy in which multiple stakeholders join together to achieve progress that no individual organization can achieve on its own.

Serving the Whole Household through Community Partnerships

We know that childhood hunger does not exist in a vacuum - kids who struggle with hunger live in households that are struggling, too. This webinar covers the efforts of schools and community partners in Charlotte, NC who are working together to meet the needs of children and their families, including families with immigration status and hard-to-reach communities.