Summer Meals

Creating and Placing PSAs

Sodexo Foundation Summer Meals Outreach Toolkit

Sodexo Summer Meals Outreach ToolkitPublic service announcements (PSAs) are an effective way to get the word out about free summer meals programs and are particularly effective in reaching low-income parents. Radio stations offer PSAs for free as a community service and community newspapers are often willing to place print PSAs. Below are template scripts to develop a radio PSA and a cover letter to approach public affairs and public service directors at local radio stations to play your PSA. Following are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Identify five to ten radio outlets in your city or state that reach your target audience and create a list of the public service directors with contact information. You can go to Radio Locator to find radio stations in your area:
  • Check to see what other PSA efforts the station currently supports.
  • Email the public service directors of your local radio stations individually. Write a brief cover note explaining the importance of your message to the community and include the radio PSA scripts or the recorded radio PSA. Be sure to include relevant local figures and resources and also highlight any other background information on your efforts, successes, etc. This template PSA cover letter can help get you started.
  • Follow up with the public service director in a few days and try to lock down a commitment.
  • Typically, on-air personalities deliver PSAs. If you have a high-profile politician, advocate, celebrity or athlete willing to record your PSA, let the public service director know. That may increase the chances of your PSA being placed. These template PSA scripts can be tailored for your area, include a Spanish version of the script and can be used by a variety of people to get the word out about summer meals.

  • You can find a recording studio to record your PSA by looking online or asking other partners who have recorded radio PSAs before.

  • Consider a pint PSA, which is basically an advertisement and is not paid for. Reach out to local community newspapers that many need to fill items of their advertising space with PSAs. This template customizable flyer can be used as a print PSA and help you let people know about summer meals.