Summer Meals

Faith-Based Outreach

Faith-based organizations and places of worship are trusted resources in communities. They are also considered safe places for parents to send their children during summer months, so they are great summer meals sites. Parents also trust faith leaders to provide helpful resources and information. Here are some tips for working with faith-based organizations to raise awareness about summer meals programs:

  • Work with faith leaders and organizations that might be willing to serve as a summer meals site.
  • Share this template bulletin with faith leaders to customize and include in service programs and help raise awareness among congregation about summer meals.
  • Coordinate faith summits or other gatherings to educate faith leaders about summer meals (and other programs) and what they can do to help.
  • Provide faith leaders with talking points to include in their sermons or lessons on childhood hunger, nutrition and the availability of summer meals.
  • Provide materials to faith leaders and organizations such as a customizable flyer to hang up in common areas where both parents and kids can see them and work with the organizations to distribute postcards  on car windshields in the parking lot.
  • Consider working with faith leaders and organizations to write a letter to the editor to local newspapers about summer meals. This template letter to the editor can help.
  • Suggest to faith leaders and organizations that they include a  message about summer meals like the following on their sign that is visible from the street:

Free Summer Meals Are Served in Your Community! Go to WEBSITE or call 1-XXX-XXX-XXX to find a site and learn more or text “[SHORTCODE]” to 877-877 to find a site near you.

  • Include information on summer meals on the faith group’s website by customizing this template FAQ

For more ideas on engaging the faith community, go to Bread for the World at