CEP Week - Videos and Resources

Starting Monday, May 23, No Kid Hungry dropped short and informative videos on Community Eligibility Provision (CEP). CEP is a great way to continue serving free breakfast and lunch to all of your students in school year 2022-2023! The information presented will help schools consider CEP and also provide ways to improve and expand existing CEP programs.


Day 1 – Is CEP Right for You?

In Monday’s video, learn how CEP and Provision 2 compare to traditional counting and claiming. You will also hear the considerations and opportunities of each program option.

Day 2 – CEP Financials

Tune in Tuesday to learn how CEP can impact revenue and costs. You will also learn how you can manage the program to maintain overall financial stability in year one and beyond.

Day 3 – CEP and Your Central Business Officer (CBO)

Time to make the case for CEP! Now that you understand the program, it’s time to talk to your administrators and central business office. In this video you will learn how to coordinate your district’s data needs (including Title I) and hear strategies for implementing CEP in some but not all of your schools.

Day 4 – Maximizing ISP

On Thursday, we’ll dive deep into maximizing your district’s Identified Student Percentage (ISP) which is critical to maximizing reimbursement. You will learn how to resolve issues in data matching and pick-up tips and tricks for special circumstances.


Day 5 – Measuring CEP Success

You made it! Day five is all about measuring success and ensuring future program stability. You will also learn about what Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are most effective to measure success.