FAQs: No Kid Hungry's CEP Calculator


Find answers to frequently asked questions for using No Kid Hungry's CEP Calculator, including:

  1. Where can I download No Kid Hungry’s CEP Calculator?
  2. If my district’s general fund pays for any unpaid school meal charges at the end of the year, should I still include the unpaid school meal charges in the calculator?
  3. Do I enter school meal debt as a negative number?
  4. Does this calculator work for comparing Provision 2 and CEP?
  5. My district has more than 100 schools. Does the calculator still work for a district of that size? Do you have any suggestions?
  6. How do I factor in increased costs due to increased meal volume into the financial analysis?
  7. Can you explain the "grouping" column numbers that come back after the calculation?  All "1's" together is your best option?
  8. If I do not want Meals Count to consider a particular school for grouping (a very low ISP, for example), should I choose REMOVE for that school in Step 4?
  9. Which month’s claims should we use to enter data into this calculator?
  10. Will the revenue comparison calculation work properly for Hawaii and Alaska as they have different meal reimbursement rates than the other 48 states?

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Answers to frequently asked questions about using No Kid Hungry's CEP Calculator