Amplifying the Voices of our Children's Caregivers through Family Councils

FRESHFARM, in partnership with Share Our Strength, developed this toolkit to inform organizations on to how implement family councils in their own areas. The creation of this toolkit was informed by a 9-month community-driven Early Childhood Family Council (ECFC), in Washington DC Wards 7 and to 8, to identify community needs and strategies to increase food insecurity and community well-being.

This toolkit was developed by Martine Hippolyte, FRESHFARM.

We would like to give special thanks to our colleagues and partners for providing feedback and support:
● Tailor Coble, FRESHFARM
● Katie Kerstetter, George Mason University
● Drew Bonner, George Mason University
● Elena Rees, Share Our Strength, Cooking Matters
● Caron Gremont, Share Our Strength, No Kid Hungry

This toolkit would not have been possible without the council members who joined the council and shared their experiences.