How to use the Summer 2022 Impact of Lost Area Eligibility Map

How to use the map

When you zoom in far enough, points will appear along with a legend that will guide you through the map.

Summer sites: The small circles show the summer sites from 2021, color coded based on their projected status for summer 2022. The color-coding matches the color-coding used in the "County Summary" and "Sponsor Summary" tabs of this tool.

map key

Summer 2022 Census Area Eligibility Data: The map is shaded based on census area eligibility data. Orange and blue areas are area eligible. Grey areas are not.

map legend

Schools & Attendance Zone Proxy: We do not have access to data for school attendance zones. If we did, we would also see if any of the open sites are in the attendance zones of schools that have at least 50% free or reduced price certified students or participate in CEP. As a proxy for the attendance zone, we compare each site to the nearest school.

On the map, you can see each school as a small square. The schools that can provide area eligibility to summer sites (50%+ FR enrollment or CEP participant) are shaded in dark grey. The others are shaded in light grey.

school types

Additional Information

You can click on any site or school on the map to open a pop up box with additional information. If a school and site are located in the same place, you will have to click on the arrow in the pop up box to toggle between the information for each.

additional information


The map shows open sites, closed sites, and camp sites for MD, ME, MI, and VA. For all other states the map only shows open sites. However, this Excel tool only uses open sites for all states.