National School Breakfast Week 2024

Welcome to the 2024 National School Breakfast Week. This week, we will be highlighting the voices of current and former school nutrition directors as they share the keys to their success with Breakfast After the Bell.

Day One

Day One's video talks about why Breakfast After the Bell works. In this short 13-minute video, Warren Ryan, Assistant Director for San Bernardino City Unified School District, will share his experience implementing BAB in his district.

Day Two

Day Two's video focuses on the importance of a delicious breakfast menu. In this short 14-minute video, National consultant Donna Martin, a retired director of Burke County, Georgia’s school nutrition program, will share her knowledge about menu planning and some great menu ideas for Breakfast After the Bell school meal delivery programs.

Day Three

Day Three's video narrows in on the equipment needed to implement Breakfast After the Bell. In this short 13-minute video about equipment needs for Breakfast After the Bell (BAB) programs, National consultant Marla Caplon, recently retired from Montgomery County Public Schools, will share her ideas about how to make equipment needs decisions and things to consider, such as your campus setup and delivery methods.

Day Four

Day Four's video shows how to train and promote breakfast after the bell in your school community. This short 15-minute video features National consultant Walter Campbell, who retired after 17 years where he was the executive director of nutrition services for Charleston County School District. He will share his expertise on how to train your campus community and promote your BAB program.

Day Five

Day Five's video closes out the week by walking you through launch day for your breakfast after the bell program. In this short 13-minute video, Nutrition Director Frances Montoya, from Vaughn Next Century Learning Center in California, will share her expertise about launching and sustaining your BAB program.