Spotlight on Equity - Faribault Public Schools

Faribault Public Schools in Minnesota is located South of the Twin Cities. They pride themselves on providing “high quality and equitable education that nurtures, inspires, challenges and empowers students to engage and grow as learners and citizens.” (Mission Statement, Faribault, 2020). They have worked closely as a team to ensure that historically excluded students are included.  It was no surprise to learn that they have an equity strategy embedded into their Faribault Public Schools Strategic Plan 2020.  The strategic plan, created by staff and community stakeholders, is a guiding document with strategies to serve the community’s needs successfully.

 Some strategies included:

  • Student-centered learning- addressing individual student learning in innovative and challenging ways
  • Equity – committing to high quality education for every student
  • Mental health and safety – focusing on the social and emotional well-being and safety of students and staff
  • School climate- fostering unity, respect, and connectedness within schools
  • Family and community engagement- engaging families and the community to help students grow as learners and citizens