Print Enrichment Activity Materials


Although the afterschool enrichment waiver issued in the spring of 2020 has not been extended, USDA guidance for SY20-21 permits virtual and take-home activities to along with non-congregate afterschool meals and snacks. (See Question #19 in the USDA's Aug. 21st Q&A memo, Question #7 in the Oct. 14th Q&A memo, and Question #3 in the Nov. 2nd Q&A memo.)

To help meet the enrichment activity requirement while providing non-congregate meals, we have compiled links for worksheets and handouts that can be downloaded, printed, and distributed along with meals.

The first file provides at least one printable resource per day for seven days per week for six weeks (42 operating days total). The second file provides more print activities to cover an additional six weeks or 42 operating days. This supports sites that serve meals for the weekends in addition to weekdays. The file also offers suggested grade levels for each activity, though many are intended to be appropriate for children of all ages. The format is intended to support documentation for your state agency to demonstrate that an activity was offered for each date that meals were served and claimed. 

The third file contains more print resources, including options that provide multiple days' worth of activities on one page or via one link or file. This file is organized by suggested grade level and also includes the subject area for each print resource. You can use these to tailor your daily activity offering based on the ages of children you serve and the subjects or topics of most interest.

Additionally, our colleagues at Cooking Matters have handouts with food and nutrition-related activities available for free download at: 

And if you'd like to provide materials that families can do together, there are lots of options in:

This provides links to worksheets and handouts that can be printed and distributed along with non-congregate meals in order to meet the afterschool enrichment activity requirement.